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Websites focused on mothers who work outside the home and provide breast milk for their children

Magic Number - breast storage capacity -

Infographic from Nancy Mohrbacher on how your milk volume does not increase over time. Her book "Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple" covers Magic Number concepts in greater detail.

Hands-on pumping - Dr. Jane Morton

Standford University website has several videos on breastfeeding. And Dr. Morton shares her standardized scripts and order sets for late preterm infants, DOL stage II, twins, and other common post-partum breastfeeding concerns.

Paced bottle feeding handout

For caregivers describing paced bottle feeding and some storage info.

Video paced bottle feeding - Jessica Barton

Breastfeeding for a year while working outside the home -- caregivers/daycare/nanny/family MUST watch this video and read handout on paced bottle feeding. Otherwise baby will "want more" from the bottle than mother is pumping. You only feed what you pumped the day before. Not one drop more. Slowing down bottle and letting baby feel full is paced bottle feeding. How can a baby be happy and growing on weekends with mom but on work day the baby is "starving" when bottle fed? Don't overfeed your breastfed baby while you are at work.

Travel guidelines breast milk TSA

Rules about traveling on airplane with pumps, frozen and fresh breast milk from TSA's website.

Fitting breast flange images

From Ameda pump company.


AMAZING site that all new mothers should watch before birth!

La Leche League - "Sweet Sleep" book

Great searchable question and answer forums and tip sheets. I highly recommend subscribing to the magazine "New Beginnings".

Iron for breastfed babies

https://www.healthychildren.or... (more)

AAP information for introducing iron-rich foods at 6 months. No need for iron supplements in healthy term infant if iron-rich foods are started at 6 months. Advocate for delayed cord clamping in your birth and less likely to have issues with anemia at 9-12 months also!

Biologically normal sleep for human babies

Normal infant sleep, expectations of infant sleep, sleep environment dangers

Maternal Vitamin D for breastfed infant

If you are breastfeeding only and making 24-30 oz per 24 hours - then you can supplement yourself rather than infant in Vitamin D. 6000 IU Vitamin D3 plus 400 IU in your prenatals. If you are mixed feeding breast + formula less than 33 oz per day: baby must be supplemented 400 IU per day. If you are formula feeding less than 33 oz/day in the first year of life - those mothers must supplement baby 400 IU per day.

Goldfarb handouts ... (more)

Plugged ducts, candida nipple, domperidone Canadian consensus statement 2012, weaning from domperidone, vasospasm, poor infant weight gain, mastitis, herbs for milk supply.

Trust your body, trust your baby

Nancy Mohrbacher explains trusting infant cues related to breastfeeding. And feeding for reasons other than hunger. Normal anthropology of mother-baby dyad.

James McKenna side-lying nursing safety checklist

Breast surgeries and breastfeeding

Reduction surgery, lysis of adhesions inverted nipple, breast augmentation surgery, chest surgeries


Links to supplement the newsletter

BEST 4th Trimester support online !

Mom care - Baby care - building your village


Great site for evidenced based answers to your breastfeeding questions

Pumping "hands-on" technique, hand expression, Dr. Jane Morton scripts for late preterm

Excellent information and videos - especially Maximizing Milk Production for pumping moms

Infant Risk Center

For comprehensive information on medications for the lactating woman

Great information about Magic Number Principle, Paced Bottle Feeding, and more!

Perinatal Outreach and Encouragement for Mothers

Resources for postpartum depression and anxiety

Reverse Pressure Softening

A technique to reduce problems with latching due to engorgement

Therapeutic Breast Massage


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocols

Physician-led organization with evidence-based protocols for managing maternal and infant conditions related to breastfeeding

Milk Soy Protein Intolerance

Dr. Anne Eglash explains MSPI in breastfed infants. Wonderful for physicians and parents.

Tongue tie, Dysfunctional Milk Extraction (DMX)

ENT with good resource page (Dr. Kotlow's website, AAP 2004 article, etc.)

CDC Breastfeeding resources

Congenital Heart Disease and breastfeeding (more)

From AHA: Explaining that work of breastfeeding is LESS than bottle feeding and safer (oxygenation and apnea) with references.

Radiology ACR guidelines CT/MRI contrast

NO PUMP AND DUMP! Stand up for your patients and yourself!